Top tips for visiting The Baby Show Manchester central and why they are so good for all your baby shopping needs.


If you’re looking to shop lots of well-known and independent baby and toddler brands under one roof, events like The Baby Show are the ideal place to visit.

Not only do you get to see lots of Big and Small brands under one roof, experts are on hand to answer all those questions you have. Not to mention all the goodies you will leave with, it’s a no brainer that Baby Shows are the way forward for all your shopping needs. But they can be overwhelming so here’s a guide of our top tips to get you started.

Here are my top tips for visiting The Baby Show

1. Look for discounted tickets to the show

There’s lots of discounted tickets available online in the run up to each show. For the best discount you can book here

2. Research the brands before you visit

It’s worth spending some time looking at which exhibitors will be at The Baby Show. The organisers make it super easy for visitors by listing exhibitors (and including links to their websites) Have a little root around exhibitor websites to get a taste of the brands before you visit.

Take a little look here to see the exhibitor list for Manchester

3. Make a note of the special offers

Keep an eye on The Baby Show social pages to see some of the deals available at the show. Event competitions are often listed here too, so write down the stands with giveaways that take your fancy.

These are their social links :- Facebook and Instagram

4. Write a shopping list

With the array of products available to buy at the show it can be pretty mind-blowing. Stay focused by writing a list of your baby essentials so you pick up everything you need; which brings me to my next point…

5. Set yourself a budget

The cost of getting ready for baby’s arrival can soon add up. Setting a spending budget will help stop you getting carried away! It goes without saying that we all love a little treat and if there’s something you love, take a look around the show and if you’re still thinking about it go back and purchase it if theres room in your budget. For big purchases, it’s worth taking a look online to see what the best prices are, then aim to get them for even less at the show.

6. Don’t forget the goody bags

Project Baby have the most amazing goody bag on offer at The Baby Show you can pre-pay for them when ordering your tickets or you can pick them up at the show. Don’t Miss out.

7. Seek out the freebies

Lots of the bigger brands, such as Mam, Lidl, all give out freebies when you visit their stand. Let us know what you manage to bag!

8. Snacks and drinks

Shopping at The Baby Show can be hard hungry work, especially when your carrying a baby. It’s also a great time to grab a cuppa look over the list and discuss those big important purchases. The shows often have great food facilities on hand so you won’t even need to leave the venue to grab some decent food and a much needed coffee.

9. Ask for advice

This is your time to get those burning questions answered, The Baby Show is full of amazing pregnancy and baby experts all under one roof ready and waiting to offer their advice. The Live Talks Stage will host some of the UK’s leading baby and parenting experts and guest speakers including The Honest Midwife , Annabel Karmel , Rachel Fitz-D, Baby and Parenting Expert, Daisy First Aid, Gemma Fryer, Paediatric Nurse, Dr Karen Joash, Consultant Obs & Gynae , and others ready to offer their free expert advice, information and support. 

10. Ask other parents

Spot a family with one of the buggies you’ve been lusting over? Stop them and ask them how they’re finding it. This is a genius way to get an honest appraisal.

11. Changing and Feeding areas

Make the most of the changing and feeding facilities on offer, Free nappies from LIDL and private feeding area for Mum. Lidl, will be showcasing their full Lupilu baby range from nutritious meals, snacks and purées to every day baby essentials including their award-winning nappies that visitors can sample of free of charge within the Lidl Lupilu baby changing area!

12. If you like it, buy it – especially if it’s the last one!

If you’re at a stand and you see something that’s on your list – or that you definitely want – buy it then and there. There’s nothing worse than returning to the stand to buy that special something you had your eye on, only for it to have sold it! This is even more important if you’re visiting on the Sunday when traders will have limited stock left.

What tips do you have for making the most of UK baby shows? Share them in the comments.

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  1. Love your Instagram BTW, My best advice for these shows is to go alone on the Friday or with a Friend and then go home have a think and come back on the Sunday with your partner to purchase together.

    • Thank You,This is good advice lots do this. Just don’t forget to check stock levels for those smaller brands who require you to take the good on the day.

  2. Just got my tickets thanks! Do you have any advice on buying big items at the show? Is it worth waiting for the show prices or is it worth buying online?


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