Should you visit The Baby Show?


Absolutely, The Baby Show with Lidl GB is the largest baby, pregnancy and parenting event in the UK and an absolute must for first-time parents.

The Baby Show is the one place you can visit hundreds of brands under one roof.  Not only featuring all the best baby brands and products but full of experts and most importantly, discounts!

The show takes place 4 times a year in 4 different locations. ExCeL London, Manchester CentralNEC Birmingham

Excel London

For first-time parents, it is a unique introduction to the baby market, saving you a lot of time and money. Because no matter how much research you do online, there really is no substitute for seeing and testing the products in person. 

When buying for your baby, there are so many different products to choose from! It can at times feel overwhelming, make a list of the brands you want to see and everything you need and a separate list for what you would like/want. At the Baby Show, you’ll quickly learn to differentiate your cots from your cot beds and your prams from your strollers. Think of it as a crash course in the baby market.

Reasons to Attend the Baby Show

  • Discounts and deals that add up to significant savings – use our discount here
  • Goody Bag – Make sure you pre-order to avoid disappointment
  • Get a lot of shopping done in one place and one go 
  • All large purchases can be delivered to your home
  • See a large variety of brands and products on offer in person
  • Watch product demonstrations, try and test before you buy
  • Talk to knowledgeable sales reps and other parents 
  • Guest and expert panel discussions and presentations
  • An opportunity to learn Baby First Aid with the Daisy First Aid
  • Discover new small and independent brands not on the high street 

Top Tips Before You Go

  • Book tickets in advance for the best price – Use our discount here
  • Research products and prices in advance to be ready to buy
  • Ask for today’s deals and extra bulk-buy discounts 
  • Check the live stage daily schedule ahead of time
  • Go early and plan to attend for the full day from 10am to 4:30pm
  • Bring plenty of water and snacks to keep you going 
  • Wear super comfy shoes and take a couple of rests 
  • Go with an open mind and consider other brands you may not have heard of

We would love to hear which Baby Show you attend and how you get on, drop us a note below or share this post with a fellow Mummy Friend.

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Want to know more about The Baby Show find them here

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