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iCandy offers something for everyone with their pushchairs, from all-terrain to compact – one that can do a bit of everything to a full-blown tandem. Their latest edition to the brand is certainly different, while holding iCandy’s beliefs and values of Quality, Heritage, Innovation and Style to the core! We were very excited to get our hands on the new iCandy Core to let you know what it can do.


It can sometimes be difficult for new parents-to-be to appreciate the differences between pushchairs at a first look, but we think that the iCandy Core really stands out from the crowd.

Not only does it have some amazing features, and acts like the transformer of the pushchair world, but it is also on point style-wise. From the unique fan basket shape, curved chassis and geometric shapes that cover it from hood to wheel.

Once parents go deeper than just looks, they’ll also find a pushchair that is practical and can handle day-to-day life with a newborn, right through to a preschooler. iCandy has been around long enough now to know things need to look amazing, whilst being simple for baby brains to operate, and we think they’ve got this equation just right with the Core.

What’s good

  • Beautiful styling
  • Simple to use
  • One piece fold
  • Clever transformation from urban to rural
  • 5 year warranty

What’s not so good

  • Would be nice to see a magnetic harness and full memory buttons for one hand removal of seat and carrycot
The transformer
iCandy Core Review - Bundle

Unlike many of their pushchairs, the iCandy Core is a single, so can’t convert to take a second child. Instead, it has a clever chassis that can transform from an urban to an all-terrain pushchair that takes seconds to do!

Everything is included in the box too, so no hidden extras. It also has a built-in Ride-on Board that can carry up to 20kg for your older child.

It has lots of features that they’ve learnt that parents love, like the carrycot being suitable for overnight sleep and having the largest of all iCandy seat units to make sure it lasts and can perform as the only pushchair you’ll need!

You can purchase the iCandy Core in a combo with the carrycot, in a bundle with all of the accessories, or as a full travel system with an infant carrier of your choice.

We love that you receive the iCandy 5 year warranty, which should see you through one or even two children!

iCandy Core Colours

The Core is available in five beautiful colours:

• Atlantis Blue
• Black Edition
• Dark Grey
• Light Grey
• Light Moss.

This gives a shade for everyone, and we are testing out the Black Edition – such a classy option with the matching Jet black chassis. The other colours come on a Phantom chassis, which you might recognise from the Peach 7, and is a dark, metallic grey.

Multi-mode wheels
iCandy Core Review - Urban and Rural
iCandy Core Review - Urban Mode
iCandy Core Review - Chassis buttons


Like we’ve mentioned, the Core has a feature that sets itself apart from other pushchairs, and that is the Multi-Mode wheelbase! This means that the pushchair comes with both an Urban and Rural set in the box so that you can switch the wheels to best suit your lifestyle, or even on a daily/weekly/monthly basis as you need it.

Lots of parents will downgrade to a smaller stroller once baby gets a bit older, so having this feature means that the Core could be the only pushchair that you need.

The Urban set-up has smaller wheels, and the chassis is moved to a shorter wheelbase. This takes up less space, weighs less and is ideal for nipping around the shopping centres and using on smooth pavements. It’s easy to adjust – simply press the centre of the rear wheels and the back of the front wheels to remove, press the buttons on the inside of the middle of the frame, and push the front of the chassis in. You can then realign the velcro on the inside of the basket to shorten the material.

This does also decrease the size of the shopping basket slightly, but only by 2 litres, so it’s not much. There is an arrow on the chassis that will line up with the mode you are in, to see at a glance. Then just pop the smaller wheels in place of those larger wheels!

Pushing and stopping

Reverting back to Rural mode is just as easy – unfasten the basket, press the buttons while moving the chassis out and move the velcro to the larger setting. Then switch your wheels to the bigger size. If you need your pushchair to be chunkier and capable of most terrains, then this is the option for you. Some parents may choose to stick to only one mode, but we can see lots varying the use for different days out.

Having a pushchair that is so versatile means that it caters for lots of families needs and can be used on all your trips out, without needing to also purchase a lighter, more compact stroller. It also means that little one is kept in a familiar, comfortable space on each ride out too, whether they are in the carrycot or seat unit.

We found that the push is just as good in Urban mode as it is in Rural. You can feel the bounce of the suspension on each of the wheels as you cover the ground. It has a very light push that is easily manoeuvred and capable of turning tight corners.

As well as smoother floors, we’ve also taken it on cobbles, grass and tracks without any issue – with the larger wheels designed to handle it all. While going across rougher terrain, it’s easy to lock the front wheels, by twisting the dials, to keep you in a straight line.

To stop and start the pushchair, there’s a press on and off brake, just behind the right rear wheel. Easy to access, it’s definitely flip-flop friendly and has a green and red indicator to alert you.

Eight wheels!

Receiving EIGHT wheels with your pushchair is unheard of, and we love that iCandy provides a little bag to keep your other set safe and clean.

Not only does this allow you to use the set best suited for your trip out, but it also means that you have backup wheels should you have a particularly muddy park walk, and then need to take your pushchair food shopping the next day! Just switch your wheels and think about cleaning the mess later.

All of the wheels have the same hexagon shapes in them as their tread. iCandy have designed each part of the pushchair beautifully.


If you are using the Core with an older child, they can hitch a ride on the integrated Ride-on Board that is built into the back of the chassis.

Capable of carrying 20kg, it means you don’t need to buy anything to stick out at the back, in your way of walking.

Your child can stand comfortably between the handlebar of the pushchair, while they chat with your toddler, or gaze in the carrycot at their new baby brother or sister.

The included elevators move the seat or carrycot further forwards to give them plenty of room. It’s a great way of future-proofing this pushchair through two or more children, if you have the right age gap.

Let there be light
icandy core light

We’ve seen pushchairs before with lights, but the LED Visibility Hub Light is on each side of the pushchair to offer the best illumination and visibility of your pushchair if you’re walking in dark or low light conditions.

Folding the Core
iCandy Core Review - Fold button
iCandy Core Review - Folded

The Core fold is very similar to that of the Peach 7. While sliding one grey button and squeezing the other, you push the handlebar into the frame. Then lift up the bar that runs through the basket and lift up.

The automatic lock will keep it all together while you transport it and it is freestanding for easier storage.

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icandy-core-review iCandy offers something for everyone with their pushchairs, from all-terrain to compact - one that can do a bit of everything to a full-blown tandem. Their latest edition to the brand is certainly different, while holding iCandy’s beliefs and values of Quality, Heritage, Innovation...


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