Gro friends – Light and Sound Sleep Aid


Henry the hedgehog and friends – The Basics

So in simple terms this is a Hedgehog shaped sleep device to help soothe your little one into a nice deep sleep. Theres 4 characters in the collection.

The noises, for example, consist of a tune, some plain white noise, the sounds that they would be familiar with in the womb, such as the mums heartbeat. You can also change the volume easily by holding down the button on his foot.

You can turn on the orange glow on the tummy in case that helps make your baby feel comfortable at night.

One feature I love is that it has an auto cry sensor. Basically it listens for an unsettled baby within three hours of it last being on and will automatically come back on to try and soothe your baby back to sleep. Fingers crossed hey!

gro Friends – easy to use

Ollie plus wings and feet buttons

This is such a simple device. I didn’t look at the instructions once, each foot or hand does something different be it a sound or light.

The one challenge is remembering which wing and which foot do what! However, you’ll find that you will remember which wings and feet to push to select your usual approach to help your baby sleep. Every baby will like something different.

gro Friends – Convience.

It’s an all in one unit which makes it good and easy to take away with you.

It could do with a flat bottom!














There is a loop at the top of each toy so that you could attach it to a cot. It fastens with Velcro, we took our Henry the Hedgehog out with us and I attached him to the pram bumper bar. My only niggle is they don’t always sit, they topple over.

Now the key point to these bro friends is that it should come back on when your baby cries it also comes on when your husband trumps loudly in the room. Cue Huge amounts of laughter and a woken baby 🙂

At £34 (on Amazon at time of publishing) it’s not cheap but he isn’t the most expensive sleep device out there either.

gro Friends – Summary

Well, let’s put it this way. We are off to Italy this weekend and guess who is coming too. If he sleeps well then we sleep well, and if this helps in any way then he comes with.

Are there things that would improve it?  for me my only niggle is he topples over rather than sitting flat, now if thats my only niggle then we are on to a winner.

Buy Yours Today RRP £34.99



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