SmartMax Toys- Review


SmartMax Magnetic Learning

Quincy was immediately fascinated with his SmartMax collection, armed with challenge cards he was ready for hours and hours of fun. He was intrigued with the force created when he tried to put two like sides together. At 18 months old it was like magic and his eyes lit up every time we got this out to play with. Unlike most toys it kept his attention and he remained focused. This has to be the most popular toy in the house suitable from 12 months – 99 years the whole family can join in.

Magnetics are really cool and Smart Max brings an exciting way to learn and play all at the same time.
Options for play are endless. Stimulates both creativity and imagination, and problem solving and logical thinking. The pieces are very well made; great quality and really robust. Easy to build and lots of fun!

Would Project Baby Recommend SMARTMAX :- Without any doubt YES!!!!!


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