Stokke Trip Trap Review



We are huge Trip Trap fans, yes its slightly more pricey but its a chair for life not just for the baby years. We have 4 Trip Traps, these are our dinning chairs. We tried lots of other highchairs, and the trip trap is certainly a more of a comfortable chair for him. Also, we love that it is completely adjustable Рwe have an awkward table with a panel on the sides, which inevitably makes the need for a lower seat. This chair can accommodate for that beautifully. We bought the baby seat so Quincy could join us at meal times even as a baby. I would highly reccomend the Stokke Trip Trap to any of our readers. 

Don’t forget you can actually get the back rest engraved at their Stokke store in Westfields London and they have an amazing selection of colours.Chair For Life¬†


  1. This chair is just what we were looking for. It pulls right up to our table and with the adjustable seat and foot rest it fits our son perfectly. We got it when he was about 10 months old, so already sitting up on his own for quite some time, but we probably could have used it several months earlier. We didn’t get the infant seat attachment and, honestly, I don’t think it’s necessary since there is a harness attached to the chair. Yes, it’s very expensive, but my consolation is that I’ve seen them on you-know-who’s-list for about half the MSPR (of course, not when I was looking to buy one), so I think when we’re finished with it, we can go that route. We bought the white chair and it matches our affordable-Swedish-design chairs perfectly, but when I was looking at the chair on the website, the photo was a bit misleading. The chair pictured seems to be a “whitewashed” color – you can see the wood grain, however, the chair we got (and that I’d wanted) is actually painted opaque white. It’s a great chair.


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