Bugaboo Donkey


Single to duo as easy as ABC 

There is no doubting how easy it is to transform the Donkey from single to double, you just un-click a couple of catches and pull the frame to create a wider frame. You can have the seats in a variety of positions – Twin mode, two carry cots, seat and carrycot, parent and world facing.

One of the key features for me is the size of the underneath basket, its huge and when in single mode you have an additional basket which is really handy, but my little one kept leaning over and grabbing things, all fun and games.

Bugaboo have upgraded their tyres, they no longer require a pump. Happy Days!!

The wheels and suspension do both deserve a mention, If your looking for a pram that is suitable on all terrain and is ideal for twins or a pram that will grow with your family this might just be what you are looking for.

In single mode it was great for getting on public transport but in double it was a little more tricky. I had to leave the house and set up outside for duo mode, fine in the Summer months but maybe a nightmare in the Winter.

The seats are more narrow than most standard prams but still plenty of room. Edward 9 Months and Polly-Ann 2 both were very comfy.

In Mono mode you can fit through a standard size door, in double not a chance. Same on public transport, single you can fit on a bus but unfortunately in double mode you simply can’t fit down the walk way.

So as long as your not wanting to get on public transport with twins this buggy is a superb fit for those long walks, the basket can carry 20kg alone. Im still undecided wether I prefer a side by side double or a tandem.


  1. i been using this for the past 10 years , all i can say it valued for money and at the end , you still able to sell it as a used product .

    it is expensive to purchase brand new when i gotten it 10 years ago but it worth it as it comes with product warranty . the first frame that we gotten from bugaboo has some issue and they sent us a brand new frame as a replacement .

    do your self a favour , buy your baby one of the best pram out there . treat your baby well . it worth it .


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