Nuby Inflatable Floor Seat with Interactive Toys


The Review

• Includes stimulating toys & mirror on a detachable tray
• Machine washable
• Cushioned padded arms and head rest
• Easily inflated and deflated for travel

By 6 months old, you may discover your baby has a lot more energy to spare. This seat has a comfy little armchair for them to sit in that lets them safely play will be a great help.

This easily inflatable floor seat is perfect for travels & comes in a plush fabric as soft as your baby’s little botty. It comes with stimulating toys, & a mirror on a detachable tray which lets them play & learn. It’s machine washable because we know raising a little one is messy business.

Nuby’s Super comfy, inflatable seat will help teach your baby to sit upright as well as keeping them safely cushioned with the padded arms and head rest.
Detachable tray with interactive toys including a cuddly penguin that rattles, a soft cloud toy and a mirror for learning reflections.

Sarah – From Bromley Says:- The material is really soft but still sturdy to support my little boy so he can sit up, he loves the little toys – they are a perfect size for him to grab. It’s really good that is comes with the material on the base too so makes it easier to use anywhere. not too big either so can take away with you if needed.


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