Cloud Z i-Size with SensorSafe


Product description
The Cloud Z I-Size with SensorSafe takes smart technology and enhanced safety to new

The SensorSafe chest clip alerts a parent through a smartphone app connected via
Bluetooth. Key features include: Attached to the harness system of your car seat, the
SensorSafe chest clip connects to your smartphone and provides essential alerts to help
prevent critical situations:
 Alerts if a child has escaped out of their harness.
 A temperature sensor that monitors the children's temperature. – The SensorSafe
clip monitors the ambient temperature of your car to prevent your child from
overheating or overcooling. It’s the car that is monitored not the child itself.
 Alerts parents when a child is left alone in the car for a long period of time.
 Tracks the length of a car journey to notify parents if the journey has exceeded two
 Ensures your child is always with a parent or loved one – in case your child is
accidentley left in the car, the SensorSafe clip is able to send reminder notifications
directly to your smartphone. If desired, SensorSafe can also inform your preset
contacts about the location of the car.

Price – £274.95


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