15 things to pack when traveling with baby


1. A stroller

Choose a lightweight stroller that lays flat and is easy to fold  you’ll be opening and closing it all the time. It shouldnít count towards your luggage allowance  and you can push it all the way up to the boarding gate, although youíll need to take your little one out when you go through security

2. A new toy for flight

Pick something multifunctional  Lamaze toys are great for young babies  and go for something quiet (or at least with a volume button).

3. An elaborate necklace

When youíve got a baby sat on your lap for the duration of a flight, it pays to have something thatís a) tied round your neck, and therefore canít be thrown on the floor, and b) a distraction from pulling your earrings/glasses/nose The beadier, the better. Nibblingjewellery have some great sets.

4. Sterilising spray

Aquaintís 100% natural steriliser comes in a 50ml bottle so it’s perfect for hand luggage, and you can use it to clean bottles, dummies, grubby surfaces ñ you name it. A must for camping, too.

5. Bottles and milk

Tommee Tippeeís milk powder dispenser pots are genius ñ they fit inside the top of standard Closer To Nature bottles filled with pre-boiled water, so you don’t have to take a separate pot for formula, and everything stays sterile.

6. Disposable bibs

Theyíll save you forever washing bibs while youíre away and theyíre pre-folded. Another useful bit of kit for bigger/messier kids is a long-sleeved waterproof bib like this one by Lassig. When you’re done, wash it under the tap, hang it out in the sun and it’ll be dry in 5 minutes.

7. Food pouches

We love Bebease food pouches ñ you can squeeze the food straight onto a spoon or straight into your babyís mouth (when youíve forgotten a spoon). Thereís no glass to smash in your luggage, and they stack neatly. If youíre taking a couple in your hand luggage, check the weight.

9. A portable highchair

I confess, I havenít tried this Totseat washable highchair, but it’s been highly recommended by friends and I’ll be adding it to my Christmas list. Perfect if you get caught short while you’re out.

10. A pop-up tent

If you can fit it in your luggage and youíre planning on getting out and about quite a bit while you’re there a UV pop-up tent is a lifesaver. You can get lightweight ones that fold down to next-to-nothing, and it’ll save you constantly searching for shade.

11. A compact changing bag

Our PacaPod really came into its own on holiday. They’re specially designed for travel, and have smaller bags that fit within the main bag so you can get to whatever you need really quickly and streamline if necessary.

12. A buggy shade

Our SnoozeShade gave my little boy some shelter from the sun and a dark-ish place to nap in the day, and helped him to settle when we were out and about at night. Not only that, but it’s one-size-fits-all, so we use it loads at home on our ënormalí buggy.

13. A baby carrier

Our Ergobaby was a lifesaver in the hilly, cobbled streets of San Gimignano. Plus, it meant we didn’t have to queue for lifts, or navigate a buggy through busy crowds.

14. A travel blackout blind

If your baby needs darkness to sleep, try the Gro Anywhere Blackout Blind it’s got suction cups so you can stick it to most windows.

15. Baby sun cream

They’ll need their own, as itís specially formulated for new skin.


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