Cubo Ai Plus Smart Baby Monitor


If you haven’t heard of the Cubo Ai Plus, where have you been? Introducing a baby monitor that has completely revolutionised the baby monitor industry.

I’ve now had a Cubo Ai Plus baby monitor for almost 2 months on my son Reginalds snuz pod and i’m still so impressed at how purposefully it is.

Every feature was designed with baby’s safety and parent’s peace of mind at heart and there are so many awesome features that I can’t wait to share!

Cubo Ai Plus Review: My Favourite Features

No Visible Red Light

It sounds like something so trivial, but if you’ve ever had a monitor that has a bright red light that turns on at night and is shining in your room all night, then you’ll really appreciate this one! Reggie sleeps peacefully and uninterrupted while I can still see everything that is happening thanks to it’s infrared light and 1080p HD Sony Wide Angle Lens.

Wide Angle Lens

This feature allows you to utilise the floor stand (included with the camera) or crib attachment and have full visibility of without having to stand and tilt the camera, trying to get the perfect angle. It does it for you. With other cameras that I’ve tried, I’ve had to move the camera so far away from the crib in order to get the whole thing in the frame.

Temperature & Humidity Detection

I’ve never come across a baby monitor that checks for humidity but I love knowing the humidity and temperature of Reggies room so I don’t need to worry about turning on and off his humidifier while he naps or in the middle of the night.

Easy-to-Set-Up App 

This is so important that things are easy, nothing more off putting than a over complicated set up before you even get started. Setting up the app and syncing it to your baby monitor is so simple and easy! You literally download it from the app store, start the pairing process and place your phone under the camera and that’s it! Perfect for sleep deprived parents who just need simplicity.

There’s an awesome Family Sharing function which made it so easy to share access to the app with my husband and my parents! We can all now check in on Reggie which makes babysitting so much less stressful for my parents and gives me peace of mind when I’m at work and have someone else watching him.

Cubo Ai Alert Types

 Cubo Ai Plus has the most state of the art alerts. It can alert you when your baby isn’t in the crib, when the baby’s face is covered, when your baby rolls over and can even auto-capture pictures for you!

It’s incredibly intuitive and has all the features you could ever want a baby monitor to have and more. As an anxious Mum, I love that Cubo Ai Plus takes that worry away by alerting me if these things happen. It’s like having a permanent nanny on watch 24/7.

To sum it up!

The Cubo Ai Plus is the monitor I never knew I needed. I can’t say enough good things about this monitor and would recommend it 100 times over.

Useful info :-

To protect your little one’s safety and security, Cubo Ai is only able to connect with stable and password-protected networks, of which download/upload speed are recommended to be at least 5Mbps and encrypted with WPA/WPA2.

Smart phone is required. Cubo Ai app is available for the iOS and Android system. Mobile device must be iOS 10/Android 5.0 or newer.


Product Dimensions
3.42 x 4.27 x 4.39 in

220g / 9.9oz

135° Wide Angle Lens, 4x Magnification, Resolution: 1080p HD, Format: H.264, Night Vision: No visible red light (940nm infrared LED)

Frequency: 802.11b/g/n/ac 2.4GHz/5GHz (WPA, WPA2 encryption supported), Wi-Fi Maximum Speed: AC433, Range: 300 feet line of sight

High-Fidelity microphone, build-in speaker

Night light
Warm-colored smart light

Air Sensors: Digital temperature and humidity sensor

UV-Stabilized Child-friendly Polycarbonate

Input:100-240VAC/50-60Hz, Output: 5V/2A (No Batteries Required)

Certification and Safety: FCC/CE/IC/RSM/NCC/BSMI 

CTIA cybersecurity certified, Enterprise level security (AES-256 bit) symmetric-key encryption/ Encrypted data protection (TLS/SSL)



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